The Course in Hospital Dentistry and Clinical Research provides the tools and knowledge necessary to work in the National Healthcare System facilities. Attendees will acquire the skills to interpret and execute the company, regional and national healthcare targets, and to tackle the issues related to public dentistry treatments, with particular focus on the current Dentistry LEA. Moreover, they will learn how to work in a team, by interacting with work and study groups of different dentistry specializations. One of the objectives is making attendees aware of how scientific research must be integrated within care paths, in order to improve the efficiency of the intervention protocols and making them appropriate from a result and cost-effectiveness standpoint.

The Course in Hospital Dentistry and Clinical Research, through clinic-based care activities, prepares dentists to become experts about team-work, and capable of interacting with professionals from different dentistry branches (prosthetics, implant dentistry, surgery, periodontology, conservative dentistry, anaesthesia, orthodontics and paediatric dentistry), by understanding the related hospital management dynamics.

The Course in Hospital Dentistry and Clinical Research is addressed to dentists that can manage the dental activity within the public healthcare system, by learning different provisional methods of the multiple dentistry specializations, within the regional/national healthcare system.
Professional outlets include a greater understanding of the public healthcare service, both in the interest of medical cooperation between public and private facilities, and as cultural-administrative training for those who want to access the national healthcare system.

The Course in Hospital Dentistry and Clinical Research trains professionals on:


  • Managing patients with systemic diseases
  • Stomatitis and hard tissue ailment medicine


  • Fixes prosthetics on natural teeth and on implants
  • Adhesive dentures
  • Partial or total mobile prosthetics


  • Bone integration implants
  • Immediate and delayed loading
  • Bone regeneration principles
  • Out-patient oral surgery
  • Peri-implantitis treatment


  • Non-surgical periodontal preparation
  • Periodontal surgery indications and procedures
  • Mucogingival and resective surgery
  • Periodontal regeneration


  • Conservative materials and techniques
  • Endodontics and tooth crown reconstruction
  • Adhesive procedures in conservative dentistry


  • Analysis of the patient’s general conditions
  • ASA classification
  • Anaesthesiologic preparation
  • Presedation
  • Anaesthesiologic conscious sedation
  • General anaesthesia for dentistry


  • Orthodontic diagnosis
  • Traditional orthodontic techniques
  • Lingual orthodontics
  • Pre-surgical orthodontics


  • Approach to paediatric patients
  • Paediatric endodontics and conservative dentistry – Techniques and materials
  • Cavity and malocclusion prevention
  • Interceptive orthodontics

The general ranking of merit will be published on the Italian page of this Master according to the timing provided in the Call.


Health, environment and territory
€ 543,00
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Attendance during the traineeship is based on the specialization selected by the student, in agreement with the relevant professor.

Yes, newly graduates can enrol in the Postgraduate Course in Hospital Dentistry.

A minimum of one day per week of attendance at the Clinic is mandatory, in the specialization selected, and an overall mandatory attendance of 70%.