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Unipd Executive Learning is the platform of the University of Padua that promotes and spreads the post-graduate education offer.

The Short Specialisation Degrees and Courses are designed for the professional and cultural development of specialists and students interested in acquiring specific competencies, including inter-disciplinary, methodological and applicative skills, in any disciplinary, technical and scientific field.

The training paths

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First-level Short Specialisation degrees

First-level Short Specialisation Degrees are professionalizing post-graduate paths accessible with a Bachelor’s Degree. They provide 60 training credits and correspond to the 7th level of the EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

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Second-level Short Specialisation degrees

Second-level Short Specialisation Degrees are post-graduate specialization programs, accessible with a Master’s Degree/Specialization (or equivalent title). They provide 60 training credits and correspond to the 8th level of the EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

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Professional Courses

Post-Graduate Courses are accessible after obtaining a Bachelor or Master’s Degree, or another equivalent title obtained abroad, valid to access the course. Their purpose is providing specific training in scientific and professional fields.

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Higher level training course

High level training courses are geared towards people who already work, or who have embarked on a career, who wish to deepen their skills in specialized areas related to their own activities. These courses offer great flexibility in terms of customization of teaching methods.

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  • Science & Technology

    Science & Technology

  • Psycho-Social & Liberal Arts

    Psycho-Social & Liberal Arts

  • Medicine & Health

    Medicine & Health

  • Environment & Territory

    Environment & Territory

  • Economics & Law

    Economics & Law