The Course in Pharmacoeconomics and personalized treatment prepares professionals in applying the most suitable cultural tools not to spend less, but rather to spend better.

The Post-Graduate Course, through a hands-on multidisciplinary approach, covers the essential aspects of precision and value-added medicine – risk-benefit and cost-effectiveness – within a context of pharmacotherapy resource management.

The Course is held online live by the Department of Medicine, in partnership with the Department of Economy and Business Sciences and the Department of Cardiothoracic-Vascular Sciences and Public Health of the University of Padua.

The course units of the Course in Pharmacoeconomics and personalized treatment provides a hands-on, multidisciplinary approach that covers the basic aspects of Precision and value-added Medicine:

  • risk-benefit
  • cost-effectiveness

An effective and safe prescription of medicines (appropriate prescription) is a pillar of personalized treatment. It deals with clinical and economic validation of pharmacogenetic tests as personalized treatment tool. Although costly, these tests help reduce treatment personalization times required by the trial-and-error approach, hospitalization and cost of emergency interventions. Even innovative/personalized treatment is costly, however they are usually more effective and have less side effects than standard care over the long term.

The faculty comprises pharmacologists, doctors, hospital and local pharmacists, pharmaeconomists, epidemiologists, healthcare economists who work in Universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, AIFA. Professors are involved in the two main training activities of the Course: Clinical pharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics.

The Course in Pharmacoeconomics and personalized treatment improves the skills of all pharmacy professionals in assessing the risk-benefit and cost-effectiveness of pharmacological treatment.

The course is addressed to students in biomedical or economic sciences, pharmacy professionals in different fields, and staff managers in hospitals or healthcare units.

The contents of the Course may be interesting for supra-enterprise institutions (i.e. Regions), which may promote the implementation of innovative treatment resource management solutions.

The Course in Pharmacoeconomics and Personalized Treatment includes an introduction and six sessions:

Introductory session

Contents (with short description)

Basics of clinical pharmacology

Polypharmacy, drug interactions, prescriptive appropriateness for classes of widely consumed drugs: glucororticoids, antibiotics; geriatric pharmacotherapy – the clinician’s perspective; pharmacogenetics

Gender medicine

Physiopathological bases, pharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology

Management and forecasting of resource consumption

The budget impact methodology; the clinical governance of medicines in the Veneto Region – from primary care to innovative medicines; evaluation of the sustainability of diagnostic and therapeutic pathways; case studies; real-world studies on patient reporting outcomes and strategies for patient engagement.


Government of health spending and pharmaceutical spending: role of health economics and pharmacoeconomics; HTA and economic evaluation techniques of drugs: cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-utility analysis; economic evaluation in the process of reimbursement of drugs by the NHS


Delivery systems to improve bioavailability; qualitative and regulatory aspects of the formulation; clinical trial

Equivalent medicines

Generics and biosimilars; regulatory evolution and pharmacoeconomic implications; pharmacokinetics of monoclonal antibodies

The general ranking of merit for the academic year 2024/25 will be published on the Italian page of this Course according to the timing provided in the Call.


Health, environment and territory
€ 802,50
€ 520,00
I titoli di accesso saranno specificati nell'avviso di selezione 24/25


Yes, preferential prerequisites include: doctorate in pharmaceutical, medical, economic, healthcare economic disciplines; professional experience in hospitals and healthcare units.

Yes, there’s a scholarship financed by the Order of Pharmacists of the Province of Vicenza to cover the entire registration fee.

The scholarship is intended for a young graduate born after 1 January 1994 whose work position is: not employed, not structured.

Course activities will be held remotely on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, once a month, from January 2025 to July 2025.

The final exam consists of a test with multiple choice questions based on the course lessons. The final exam will take place in person. The diploma will be awarded on the occasion of the exam.