The Post-Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery prepares expert surgeons, capable of diagnosing, treating and managing functional and neoplastic pathologies of the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands and adrenal glands.

The course focuses on their surgical treatment, on the medical management of endocrine pathology, and on the main anatomopathological characteristics, by attending in-clinic activities, lessons and the operating room, with direct approach to diagnostic-therapeutic paths and surgical techniques.

The Post-Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery trains expert professional figures with ultraspecialized and multidisciplinary competencies, and is directed by Prof. M. Iacobone.

The course units of the Post-Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery mainly focus on standard and mini-invasive endocrine surgery on neck and abdomen (hemithyroidectomy and total thyroidectomy, with possible intra-operative neuromonitoring, central and lateral neck lymphadenectomy, selective parathyroidectomy, bilateral neck exploration, total adrenalectomy and cortical-sparing).

Pre-, intra- and post-operatory management is based on the guidelines introduced by leading international scientific associations, with multidisciplinary management of the most complex cases. Apart from activities in the operating room, the operative unit has divisional clinics where endocrine surgery specialist visits are carried out, and a specialist clinic to carry out eco-guided fine-needle aspiration in the neck region. Regular frequentation of the operating room and of the dedicated clinics helps to master ultra-specialist surgical competencies in the neck and abdomen-retroperitoneal regions. Furthermore, the lessons will focus on thyroidal, parathyroidal, adrenal and pancreatic pathologies, and on polyendocrine syndromes.

The Post-Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery is addressed to professionally trained graduates in Medicine and Surgery.

The professional figures formed become top-level experts, with particular focus on ultra-specialist and multidisciplinary competencies in diagnostic paths, surgical management and clinical management of endocrine pathologies of surgical interest (both thyroidal, parathyroidal, adrenal and pancreatic), and in the recognition of the main anatomopathological characteristics of cytological and histological samples, for a correct pre-operative and intra-operative management of the pathology, and the correct post-operative management of the patient.

The Post-Graduate Course in Endocrine Surgery provides specific training on:


Management of thyroidal, parathyroidal, adrenal and pancreatic pathologies, and of multiple endocrine neoplasms.


Management of endocrine-surgical thyroidal pathologies, and of multiple endocrine neoplasms.


Anatomopathological diagnostics of endocrine-surgical pathologies.


New endocrine surgery technologies.

The general ranking of merit for the academic year 2023/24 will be published on the Italian page of this Master according to the timing provided in the Call.


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€ 722,50
I titoli di accesso saranno specificati nell'avviso di selezione 24/25


Course attendants may access the operating room at any time, during the Course, by agreeing their presence with the Course Director in advance.

Course attendees may participate to multidisciplinary meetings as observers, and at the Course Director’s in-person meetings.

Professors are available to discuss the clinical cases, especially focused on the weekly surgical and clinic activities, during classes.

Although no specific educational materials will be provided, Course attendants may receive detailed indications on the scientific materials in literature, and on more thorough texts to acquire the theoretical competencies required to pass the Course.

Hands-on lessons will be held at the Endocrine-Surgery U.O.C of the University Hospital of Padua, where approximately 600 surgeries for endocrine pathologies are carried out every year.