The Course in Endodontics stems out of the awareness of a constantly evolving discipline, and, if, on the one hand, the biological principles on which it is based remain shaping, cleaning and filling, updating these techniques, the diagnostic implications and the correct implementation of a treatment plan are essential. The Post-Graduate Course offers the exclusive possibility of an entire year of hands-on practice on patients: attendees, by taking part in the theoretical lessons held by opinion leaders in the field, will acquire the competencies to tackle all modern endodontics challenges, in full command of the field.

The Course in Endodontics is structured so that attendees are trained in two different way: the first – and most important – through direct practice on patients, where attendees perform all the steps of an endodontic treatment first-hand, from pre-endodontic recovery to final restoration. The second mode is theoretical: to support the practice on patients, attendees will follow lessons that cover all the aspects of modern endodontics, from opening a cavity to reconstruction with a post. Lessons are provided in a logical order, starting from basic concepts to the most modern and less-invasive approaches.

The Course in Endodontics is addressed to all dentistry graduates who wish to undertake an endodontic treatment growth path. It is addressed both to newly-graduates who want to explore the topics and develop competencies in the endodontics field, and to those who want to rediscover the pleasure of practicing endodontics with more modern techniques. The Post-Graduate Course provides competencies for the endodontic operator figure, one of the most requested roles in the dental clinics field. The Post-Graduate Course helps attendees to master greater, more specific competencies in dental clinics providing high care standards, with hyper-specialization of every member of the staff, differently from general mono-professional clinics.

The Course in Endodontics provides training on:

  • Access cavity, endodontic anatomy and pre-endodontic reconstruction;
  • Nickel-titanium in endodontics and endodontic shaping: principles and techniques;
  • Cleaning in endodontics: passive irrigation and irrigant activation;
  • Endodontium closure: principles and description of all the techniques;
  • Anaesthesia and pharmacology in endodontics: from urgent treatment to intra-surgery pain management;
  • Endopedodontics: management of paediatric patients who require endodontic treatment;
  • Calcified canal treatment: tools and techniques;
  • Non-surgical guided orthograde endodontics: complex case treatment,
  • Use of the microscope in endodontics: theory and hands-on practice on the microscope;
  • Tooth re-treatment and systematic trunatomy;
  • Reabsorption and perforations in endodontics: recovering very compromised teeth;
  • Focus on bioceramic cement: the new frontier of 3D filling;
  • Endodontically-treated tooth reconstruction: optimizing the prognosis of endodontically-treated teeth;
  • Seminars on the different techniques present: Hyflex, FKG Endo-shaper, ProTaper, Reciproc, MTwo, etc.;
  • Reciprocating systematics in endodontics;
  • Surgical endodontics: principles and techniques;
  • BLSD (Basic Life Support) course.

  • Marco Calabrese, Professor of Conservative Dentistry, University of Padua;
  • Enrico Semenzato, Dentist, professor of Endodontics, University of Padua;
  • Andrea Candotti, Dentist, Oral Surgery Specialist, lecturer at national and international endodontics courses and conventions;
  • Giovanni Bettega, Dentist, Italian Style silver member;
  • Tommaso Moro, Dentist, Micro-endodontics diploma at the University of Valencia;
  • Sandro Marcoli, Dentist, active SIE, AIE, AIC, ESE member;
  • Emanuele Ambu, Adjunct Professors in many Universities, active SIE, AIE, ESE member;
  • Alberto Rieppi, Dentist, specialized in Endodontics, active SIE, ESE, AIOM member;
  • Alessandro Fava, Dentist, active Accademia Italiana di Endodonzia (AIE) member;
  • Dr Antonietta Bordone, Dentist, certified European Society of Endodontics (ESE) member;
  • Maurizio Mazzuchin, Dentist, specialized in oral surgery, BLSD officer and national instructor;
  • Federico Tognetti, Dentist, active Accademia Italiana di Endodonzia (AIE) member;
  • Ugo Maggi, Dentist, lecturer at national courses on the use of the microscope;
  • Carlo Tocchio, Adjunct Professor of Endodontics at the University of Padua and Milan.

Clinical Tutors are professionals expert in endodontics, who work as exclusivist consultants and in their own clinics. Attendees always have at least one tutor that supports them for the treatment plan, and to refer to during treatment.

The professionals include:

  • Adonella Carli
  • Chiara Michelotto
  • Gaia Toson
  • Jacopo Geronutti
  • Riccardo Marangonzin
  • Linda Pertile
  • Ernesto Comitale


Health, environment and territory
€ 2.722,50
€ 1.250,00
I titoli di accesso saranno specificati nell'avviso di selezione 24/25


Admission to the course will be subject to the resume evaluation, followed by a motivational interview with the course’s Director

Attendance to clinical activities is required all Thursday afternoons, and at least 70% of total hours of lessons.

Lessons will be done monthly, on Thursday morning or on Saturday morning. The lesson calendar will be provided before the beginning of the course. Occasionally, additional lessons with national and international lecturers may be added.

All the equipment is already present at the dental clinic. We strongly recommend the use of a magnifying system. Attendees will have the option to purchase a magnifying system at a discounted price.