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The First-level short specialisation degree in Long Term Care for Fragile Patients prepares specialists expert in the management and coordination of healthcare and social support interventions, based on the needs of the person and their families, while ensuring a suitable resource allocations in such context.

The goal is to train professional figures with optimal competences to accompany the patient during the entire course of treatment, from when they are taken over until the independent care, with application in the different fields, such as hospital units, local units, social and health districts, nursing homes.

The First-level short specialisation degree in Long term Care for Fragile Patients includes several training levels: from framing the phenomenon to an overview of the patients, tools and approaches, and then onto a basic preparation that also includes medical-legal aspects, and finally medical and professionalizing training.

There are multiple occasions for hands-on practice in hospital and social/health contexts offered during the training course. Thanks to the supervision and guide of dedicated tutors, attendees will have the chance to explore and apply what they learned during the lessons.

The First-level short specialisation degree in Long term Care for Fragile Patients is addressed to everyone in possession with a degree in healthcare prevention, healthcare rehabilitation, nursing, and obstetrician professions.

The reference job areas are in healthcare and local service institutions

  • basic healthcare services
  • integrated home care
  • hospital and local semi-residential and residential care services
  • hospital services
  • healthcare and health/social districts
  • nursing homes
  • hospices

In particular, the Short specialisation degree is addressed to nurses who want to take on medical and organizational specialization roles.

The First-level short specialisation degree in Long term Care for Fragile Patients entails an initial training on the following topics:

  • Framing the issue, description and dimension of the phenomenon
  • Type of fragile patients with clinical overview
  • Methods and tools to detect the cognitive status of the person, meant as clinical parameter
  • Main behavioural issues and consequent intervention approaches to take over the fragile person

Followed by basic training covering the following topics:

  • Assessment and take-over tools for fragile patients
  • Long term continuous care
  • Educational-relational aspects
  • Hospital dimension and continuous care
  • Medical, legal and ethical/deontological aspects
  • Legal end of life aspects

The medical training will continue by exploring the following topics:

  • Long term nursing care
  • Cognitive and interpersonal dynamic decline
  • Vascular access management
  • Skin ulcer management
  • Nutritional status assessment

Lastly, professionalizing training covers:

  • Patient’s support in the end of life portion
  • Advanced treatment directives
  • Informed consent
  • Medical risk management
  • Professional liability
  • Hospital infections
  • Pain management
  • Pharmacological treatment and medicine interaction

The First-level short specialisation degree in Long term Care for Fragile Patients includes in-person lessons, concentrated in short periods agreed between professors and students, for a total of 270 hours. 

This is complemented by individual training with hands-on practice and traineeship, in hospital and health/social care settings, in partner units, for a total of 80 hours. Self-managed individual study amounts to approximately 600 hours. Lastly, the project work consists in drafting a text on an improvement project, to be presented to your Operating Unit/Department/Company, and entailing the implementation of organizational care models for fragile and/or non-self-sufficient patients, for a total of approx. 400 hours of individual work.

The general ranking of merit for the academic year 2023/24 will be published on the Italian page of this First-level short specialisation degree according to the timing provided in the Call.


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No, the Short specialisation degree only includes observational activities.

It is mandatory to attend at least 70% of the total hours of lessons of the Short specialisation degree.

Yes, the final exam consists in the production and oral presentation of a dissertation concerning a project to improve the take-over of fragile patients in a preset care context.