The International Master’s in Customized Lingual Orthodontics prepares professionals, graduates of Dentistry and Prosthodontics, who deal with orthodontics as exclusivists or specialists, to make a correct diagnosis and plan an appropriate treatment plan for simple and complex clinical cases in lingual orthodontic technique.
Topics such as performing indirect banding with silicone or heat-molded transfer systems, planning an orthodontic-surgical case, and the use of auxiliaries such as minivits or mandibular thrusters in all routine orthodontic procedures are covered in depth during the course.
The goal of the master’s program is to enable clinicians to be able to provide their patients with the option of treatment with lingual orthodontic appliances, to date one of the most aesthetic and biomechanically performing techniques.

The course units of the International Master in Customized Lingual Orthodontics include an initial description of the characteristics and news of the WIN lingual braces.

Particular attention will be given to the correct compilation of prescriptions and to the management of the different treatment phases.

The first part of the Master’s Course focuses on the correct bonding procedures and on the selection of the right sequence of arch wires to be used. Attendees will learn how to manage the alignment and levelling phase, depending on the entity of the initial crowding, or if tooth extractions have been planned. The different elastic and metallic bonding methods are described, as well as the use of aids such as elastics, mandibular advancers or mini-screws for skeletal anchoring.

The International Master in Customized Lingual Orthodontics is addressed to all graduates in Orthodontics and Dental Prosthetics, who deal with orthodontics as expert or specialized professionals. Applicants should have at least three years of experience in orthodontics, in order to master clinical procedures on the lingual surface with surety.

By offering patients the option of orthodontic lingual treatment, attendees will stand out in their own orthodontics scenario. And the course will pave the way to possible collaborations with dental clinics as consultants. The purpose of this Master’s Course is to train attendees in the customized orthodontic lingual technique. Therefore, attendees will be capable of recognizing the historical background of this technique and all its evolutions. During the course, they will acquire autonomy in formulating diagnoses on simple and complex cases. Through clinical practice, they will understand how to manage the different treatment phases, also in multidisciplinary cases, and how to work to manage orthodontic complications.

The International Master in Customized Lingual Orthodontics provides training on:

  • History and Evolution of Lingual Orthodontics
  • Standard versus Customized lingual appliances
  • The lingual system WIN: the next generation
  • Impression taking
  • Lab order form: treatment objectives
  • Indirect bonding: selfcure versus lightcure
  • Rebonding protocol
  • Typodont excercises
  • Tip and Torque Control
  • Levelling and aligning (Type 1,2,3)
  • Recommended archwire sequence for Extraction and non-Extraction cases
  • Class II Correction: Elastics, Forsus, Herbst
  • Herbst appliance: step by step clinical procedure
  • Advanced mechanics
  • Strategies on finishing
  • Tips and Tricks

Some of the most famous European speakers of lingual orthodontic technique will give lectures and seminars in Customized Lingual Orthodontics Master. Some of them are absolute authorities in the field of lingual orthodontic equipment customized.
Dr. D. Wiechmann is the inventor of the Incognito and Win equipment and is universally recognized as a reference of excellence in lingual orthodontic technique. He will present in the master the latest innovations of the WIN technique.
Dr. JP. Simon and Dr. M. Mujagic are experts in lingual technique and are among the world’s leading experts in this technique. During the Master they will talk about the banding and management procedures of the different operational phases in all malocclusions.
Dr. M. Gallone is an Italian orthodontist with many years of experience in lingual orthodontic technique. He is considered one of the European references in customized lingual technique. In the Master he will deal with the management of complex orthodontic cases in lingual technique.


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At the beginning of the Master’s Course, an in-person 2-day introductory meeting will take place in Padua.
During the meeting, the clinical study online sharing teaching method will be explained.
The following monthly classes will be held online, through the Zoom platform. All participants will receive an invitation with a link to access the online classes. During the lesson, attendees will be able to interact with the lecturer and share medical documents.
All lessons will be held in English by the best European experts on lingual technique.
There will be monthly meeting to discuss the clinical cases presented by the attendees, moderated by an expert on lingual technique. Attendance will be kept through a registry managed by the Master’s tutor. A 70% attendance is mandatory.

All video-lessons will be recorded and available on the University’s Moodle portal. All attendees can replay the lessons at any time.

The selection will be based on the applicants’ resumes. Particular importance is given to the work experience, graduation dissertation, exam grades, and publications produced by the applicant.

The final exam will be oral, and the knowledge acquired during the Master’s will be assessed.

The € 5,000 registration fee can be paid in two instalments, according to the methods published on the selection notice, on